What better gift could I have asked for?

3/17/13 – Today is my birthday. I was at a Saint Patrick’s day Dinner at my church last night with my wife, daughters, their boyfriends and many good friends. Today we will have family over for more celebrating. I must say that I had a fantastic birthday.
One gift I received was a saint metal on a chain. The saint is Saint Peregrine. I had heard a little about this saint from a friend but my wife Sue thought I should have his metal. Here is a little background on Saint Peregrine: Saint Peregrine Laziosi was born in 1260 at Forlì, Italy to an affluent family. He lived a comfortable life as a youth, and politically opposed the papacy. Once, the pope sent a special representative to Forli to preach a sermon and try to win the people's hearts over to God. This representative was a saint called Philip Benizi. Saint Philip preached to the crowd. At first, things went well and the people listened. Then, Peregrine showed up with his gang of troublemakers and they drove Saint Philip from the pulpit. Peregrine went further than all of them and slapped Saint Philip in the face. Saint Philip offered the other cheek and forgave him. Peregrine was so full of remorse that he went back to Saint Philip and apologized. After he experienced the forgiveness of St. Philip Benizi, he changed his life and joined the Servite order.  He was ordained a priest, and later returned to his home to establish a Servite community.  There he was widely known for his preaching, penances, and counsel in the confessional.  He spent more time in prayer. Mary once appeared to him and directed him to go to Siena. There he joined the Servants of Mary or the Servites. The superior who received him was Saint Philip Benizi. There he did penance for his sins. One of the special penances he decided on was to stand whenever it was not necessary to sit. It is said that St. Peregrine did not sit for thirty years, which caused him to develop varicose veins and then cancer on his leg and foot. The sores became painful and doctors prepared to amputate his foot, but the night before the surgery was scheduled to take place Peregrine dragged himself to the foot of a crucifix and spent many hours in prayer. When he fell asleep he received a vision of Christ touching his foot. In the morning his foot was completely healed. He is therefore considered the patron saint of those suffering from cancer.
Saint Peregrine’s Prayer: O God, who gave to Saint Peregrine an angel for his companion, the Mother of God for his Teacher, and Jesus for the Physician of his malady; grant, we beseech-Thee,  through his merits, that we may on earth intensely love our holy angel, the Blessed virgin, and our Saviour, and in heaven- bless them forever. Grant that we receive the favor for which we now petition. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen
What better gift could I have asked for?
3/19/13 – I received my first treatment of cycle 1 today. I basically took my first dose of Ibrutinib which was 560mg. The rest of the day the PK Sampling was conducted.
Cycle 1 consists of 21 days. Once this is done I will start cycle 2 which will be an exact repeat of what I did today. After cycle 2 is completed, the rest of the cycles will also be 21 day but the PK Sampling will no longer be necessary. Cycle 2 is projected to begin on April 9th. I have also be asked to keep a Patient Diary. I will notate each dose that I have taken with comment on how I feel.
Each dose that I take needs to be at the same time each day. I think it is best to get it over with first thing in the morning. My plan will be to take my dose each day at 6:00 AM. Being I cannot eat for 30 minutes after taking the pills, it looks like I have a great opportunity to get some morning exercise in.
In addition to me starting on Ibrutinib, we are still moving forward with the Bone Marrow Transplant. I have a Transplant consultation scheduled on Wednesday, March 27th. I am hoping to learn much more about it. My biggest concern is finding a donor. I have many friends and family who all want to fill that role. Hopefully someone will be a match.
Then Jesus said to him, Unless you see signs and miracles happen, you [people] never will believe (trust, have faith) at all. John 4: 48
More to come…

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