PET Scans at Mays Clinic ("If Winter Comes" no. 15)

Its pretty therapeutic to drive and it was around 32 degreees the whole way down with clear sky. It was so pretty.

We checked in to the hotel, they are so accomodating there, you can check in at 8.30 am and if you end up leaving early, you don't have to pay any extra. I suppose they have to be like that since all the guests are going to the different hospitals here and nobody knows how long they'll be here.

We have the scan this morning and then CT scan tonight, so it was just easier to sleep here and then head back in the morning.

They Mays clinic where AJ is having the PET scan. A much newer building, it's gorgeous. Still they have to put tacky flowery chairs and stuff.. but its all nice and clean. Not as busy here as in the Main building, but we will be back in Main building tonight.

I can't go in with AJ when he goes for his scans and its killing me when I can't go in with him. My comfort is that its the same for everyone so I'll just join the club in the tacky comfy recliners.

Wow this guy is in the waiting room and has the speaker phone on this phone!!! HOW RUDE!! Its sooo loud!!!  Everyone can hear this whole conversation, I mean... please.... have some respect!!!
I sneaked up and told the front desk so that they can tell him instead of me. There is a lady who is clearly very sick and exhausted and she is trying to sleep right next to me. I can't believe the manners of this man!!!!

Took a couple of minutes and then she told him, finally peace and quiet.

I am going to hunt for some food in a bit, for AJ later so he can eat as soon as he gets out :)

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