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This site was started as Lymphoma Resource Page(s) in 1994. The site was designed to collect lymphoma information resources on the Internet that were not listed collectively elsewhere. This was at a time when the only well recognized site was Amanda's Home Page (later renamed Can.Survive).


The site has grown from a single page to over two hundred and continues to grow.

To see old incarnations of the site, you can use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

Lymphoma Information Network
Lymphoma Resource Pages
• Still looking for the very old stuff


The site is now celebrating thirteen plus years of helping cancer patients. This does not seem too long but in "Internet Years", this is nearly forever :-). The site main page has currently is up to an average 1000 hits a day (now about 7000 hits/week), 20,000 page views a day and has been accessed from over 60 countries worldwide.


The owner pays for the site hosting and design costs. The book sales through Amazon generates some referral fees to pay for the site. No "popup ads", "pop under ads" or bad advertising is used. Select ads are being used to better inform patients. Companies providing information / illustrations / counters have links to their sites.

Serious consideration is given for advertising, licensing material or other opportunities. Contact Information.


On the host page, users with medical questions are encouraged to contact appropriate organizations in their country. Site contacts are directed to the contact page.


This site does not solicit information from readers. Blog alert subscriber and Healthology newsletter addresses are kept confidential and are never given to anyone or used for other purposes. Any letters or specific web browser information is kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to others. Period. The site follows the HONcode ethics rules from the Health on the Net Foundation. The site was recertified by Health On The Net as recently as April 2008.


This site does not solicit information from minors, including those under 13. Information on this site may contain medical information relating to biology as it applies to lymphatic cancer. There is no explicit information that targets any group.

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