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I recently was diagnosed with Small Cell Lymphoma. Can you please tell me what connection a fungus inhaled into the lungs, and left untreated for a lo...
After diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma stage 1, I have completed three cycles of chemotherapy and 13 times of radiotherapy. After the completion of chemo...
I have completed 17 radiation treatments to the neck for non-hodgkin's lymphoma and lost all my taste. How long should it take before my taste recover...
My friend's Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) is not responding to treatment and the prognosis is not good. My friend asked me to try to find out what he experi...
Has anyone had a successful recovery using Adcetris treatment?
what other names are there for this burkitt's lymphoma
Can it be possible to be very very tired when taking this medication. Thanks
Has Agent Orange been linked to Primary Central Nevers system Lymphoma?
I had a lymph node removed in 2009. My Dr said it was not cancer ( I had one swollen on both sides of my neck. My mother had lymphoma my dad had bo...

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