A drug that enlists immune cells to battle an aggressive form of lymphoma looks to be

New research suggests that frontline

Today’s typical treatments have been unable to cure numerous types of lymphoma, but

T-cell lymphocytes are a type of immune white blood cells in the human body. They.are usually

Immunotherapy is a process in which the immune system is enhanced, induced, or suppressed in

Hodgkin lymphoma patients whose disease has come back after standard treatments can now

Despite study after study showing the positive, long-term effects achieved through

Unintended side effects often lead to transformational medical breakthroughs. The focus

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, makers of the radioimmunotherapy treatment Zevalin, have announced the

Biovest International, the immunotherapy biotech, will be making a presentation at the upcoming

There may be a new player in the radioimmunotherapy category, but is anybody listening