What causes lymphoma is fundamentally the same question as 'what causes cancer?' and the answer

What causes lymphoma is not well known. DNA mutations may be what causes lymphoma

A researcher looks into viral infections as a cause of lymphoma:

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A new paper is reporting that certain lipids contribute to the survival of lymphomas

In a discussion of stomach bacteria and lymphoma,

This is a common question that we here at the Lymphoma Information Network hear and see

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation may shed new light on the

A woman is suing Abbot Laboratories claiming that taking Humira for arthritis caused her

Every year in the United States, state and local health departments have to respond to

Some of the questions all people diagnosed with cancer want to know are, how did I develop this

Scientists don't yet know why some people develop non-

Like almost every answer to a cancer question, the answer to the question of whether lymphoma

What are the causes of lymphoma? The answer is as clear as it is disappointing: Nobody really

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