T cell lymphoma treatment options for these cancers are not especially effective and there is no

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system, causing

It's very common for people recently diagnosed with a subtype of

The pain a patient experiences from lymphoma is often two-fold. First, there is the primary pain

When lymphoma is discovered to affect the B cells, prognosis is generally pretty good almost

Treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas (NHL) differs from patient

The short answer: both. Let's begin with a simple definition of radiation: Radiation is the

The steroids used in cancer treatment are actually part of a class called

When a medical team talks about lymphoma treatment, it can be a large amount of

Of the handful of types of white blood cells we have in our bodies, as many as 70 percent are

Dexamethasone is a glucocorticosteroid, a man-made drug meant to mimic a natural hormone

Austin is finally getting its first bone marrow transplant center.

The several dozen subtypes of lymphoma all call for different treatment options, but speaking in

Also known as cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, bronchiolitis obliterans organizing

A couple of decades ago, medicine looked at Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) as being "pre