Lymphoma in Animals

While the average lifespan for hamsters is only about 2.5 years, and they are therefore less

Lymphosarcoma is a malignant tumor (or tumors) derived from lymphoid tissue (lymph nodes,

Lymphoma is the most common cancer in dogs

Lymphoma is one of the most common malignancies in cats, and gastrointestinal or GI lymphoma in

Lymphomas are the most common cancer to

Of the malignant tumors that occur in dogs, those associated with lymphoma are the most common.

Despite lymphoma being among the top killers of dogs and one of the most common canine cancers

According to an announcement made at the Veterinary Cancer Society's annual conference, a

According to work published in the journal Virology by researchers at the University of

A walk to remember dogs lost to lymphoma, also celebrates the medical advances in dogs that is

This article looks at canine lymphoma symptoms.

A 730-pound pig has made history as the first of its species to successfully undergo

Lymphoma is the most diagnosed feline cancer. It occurs most frequently in cats already infected

Aside from abstaining from treatment, the most frequently used canine lymphoma treatment