Lymphedema is abnormal swelling due to the presence of excess lymphatic fluid within the tissues

The pathophysiology of lymphoma refers to the process or processes going on inside the body that

There are two types of cancer: benign and malignant. Benign cancers are the kind that don't

The term 'metastatic lymphoma' does not refer to a diagnosis. Unlike many of the subtypes of

As a kind of cancer, lymphoma attacks the lymphocytes and lymph nodes that are part of the

This entry looks at one of those types of lymphoma sometimes referred to simply as abdominal

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Diagnosing lymphoma is one of the more difficult diagnoses to make in cancer medicine, and

Hearing about lymphoma recurrence is about the least-welcome news a patient can hear. But what

Lymphomatous meningitis [LM], also known as leukemic meningitis, is an extremely serious

Usually, even if a subtype of lymphoma is known to be indolent

Lymphomas can arise from most any lymphatic tissue (lymph

On this site it is emphasized that lymphoma is not just a disease - it is

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The term lymphoma is so incredibly broad as