Resources Just for Kids & Teens

There is alot of information on this web site for adults. This page is for kids and teens.

There are some places on the web that cater to kids and cancer. We will list them here and if you know of more you can e-mail them and they'll get posted.



Maddy's Book is a great site where you can make your own book about you & your loved one with cancer.

Big Sites

The Kids Cancer Network has fun stuff.

Widen the Web was built by cancer kids and their families.

The National Childhood Cancer Foundation has patient stories and more worth reading.

Wipe Out Kids Cancer wants to do just that.

Cancer Resources for Kids.

LIFE is a site in the UK for Young Adults.

The website of The Jester & Pharley Phund is dedicated to promoting childhood cancer awareness and support.

Personal Sites

Dave's Happy Little Hodgkin's Site is written by a young survivor of recurrent Hodgkin's Disease

- Dave's Side Effects of Chemo page.

- Dave made a cancer arcade game!

Kyle Fleming is a fifteen year old who has successfully battled Burkitt's lymphoma.

Shelby is a young survivor of Burkett's Lymphoma.

Joey is another Burkitt's survivor.

Robin is the author of Hodgkin's Disease Information for Kids - explaining Hodgkin's to a younger audience.

Amanda's Hodgkin's Story - a brave 11 year old.


A book about kids & teens in Canada with Cancer.

Cancer Characters from University of Iowa.


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