After some of the dust has settled, the thoughts of many new lymphoma patients turn to diet and

Cancer patients want good advice. They want answers to questions about diet and nutrition. In

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic wanted to know whether it mattered how people consumed

As mentioned in "Lymphoma Prevention: Environmental Exposures", preventing cancer generally, and

It's hard to believe that the familiar rectangular box found printed on food packaging

Reading BBC Radio presenter Sheila Dillon's article

Getting a healthy child to eat vegetables takes a patient parent. Getting a child with

On March 17 another St. Patrick's Day will be upon us, and this year the American Institute for

The inaugural 'Coaches vs. Cancer Suits and Sneakers' awareness weekend is set for January 29

Eating right is important when you have cancer. You may have dietary restrictions depending on

Concentrated green tea extract may reduce the number of cancer cells in the body: