Port In Place! ("If Winter Comes" No. 20)

This morning AJ showed me his hands when he was washing his hair and there were lots of little hairs in the palms of his hands. I keep staring at his head to see if I can see any difference and today we could see it thinning more in one area by his left temple. Other than that it might look a little thinner but still, there is a lot more to come off. Maybe in a week or two all of it will be gone.
Kind of good that it comes off slowly, we all get time to get used to it. Especially the girls, but then again, they didn't even bat an eyelid when he shaved his head this time. They are used to his little stunts here and there.

We drove to the clinic which is close to Seton hospital. Sat in the waiting room for a short while and then they called AJ back and

At noon the doctor called me to say that everything had gone really well and that AJ was awake and he was feeling good.

He told me what to look for if something should start looking bad and I would need to call them. They took an xray to make sure it was in place like it should. I asked him if they had put it up the neck just like we had seen on Pam, the super sweet lady at Dr. H's office or across the chest. He said he'd put it across his chest and it should be a comfortable spot to have it. Its called a Power Port - the latest in ports. They can draw blood, inject radioactive liquid for CT scans through it, which is not possible with any other ports. That is pretty cool :)

I went over to pick him up and he was very alert and said he was feeling great. Very cool!!!!

Went home and he has been taking it pretty easy this afternoon, took a snooze and then had dinner with us all. AJ just told me it hurts a little (which is totally normal) but he can't tell wether its the skin where the port has been placed that hurts or where the actual 'cord' is in the vein, its just sore he said. He got good painkillers to take care of that and I finally got one of those pill dividers today. So many pills to get out every morning so this is a lot easier!

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