Tomorrow Night ("If Winter Comes" No. 14)

Get to sleep in the comfy beds at the hotel again!

Today was a really good day :) AJ went out and worked some in the office, I told him - not too much. He went on an errand and then had a good lunch and we all went out to dinner with a friend of ours and her kids. Since he is doing the P.E.T scan tomorrow, he could only have chicken and green vegetables. No carbs or anything else, desert could be  cheese or a slice of salami (that is what it said in the instructions) :)

My guess is that the cancer cells likes sugar and if he eats any it could mess up the scans tomorrow. So very simple food tonight and nothing tomorrow morning.

We have to be there at 9.30 am and I think the scan is around 11.30am - He's going to be starving!!! Then he has the CT scan at 6 pm and he can't eat 3 hours prior to that. So... he has a few hours in between to indulge in whatever we can find! But its only for one day and it'll be over in no time! :) :)

I picked up the medication this morning it's called: PROPOXY 65 mg - it's the one for the cramps. I hope they work, and just as I am writing this he tells me:  the pills don't work that great.
Ummmm.. bummer...

Good note is, he hasn't had a cramping like he did last night.

I guess we have actually been through our 'bad period' in between treatment now and this is the good again before the bad. It's just a matter of trying to make him as comfortable as possible in the bad period. It's going to suck no matter what and it's not going to be fun, but if it can be somewhat bearable then it will be a little better. Also, now he knows that he can feel almost normal in between and knows there is an end to the bad. So I think that is an energy booster too. He has been in such good spirit and it just makes us all so happy :):) It's like our normal AJ is back right now.

While he is in doing the scan tomorrow (I can't be in there) I am going to go around the hospital and try to find a nutritionist to see how and what I can do to keep weight on him. Also, I know they have support groups and if I can find one, I'll go and see what it's like.

They called from the office of the doctor who puts in the port. AJ is scheduled to have the port put in on Wednesday morning. We have to go to Pathology lab on Friday to do lab work beforehand. You wish all these docs could just share all the blood they taken out of him already, right?? But again, what is another little prick in the arm in this big picture... not a lot!

I read some information about talking to kids about it or not and what to say. Still not sure what to do or what is right. they know he's sick and that we can't kiss his face and have to wash hands a lot. The org. here suggests that you use the word cancer and say that Pappa has cancer. It seems so harsh, but on the other side. It's the truth right.. and maybe it would be better. I will call them and see what they say about it.

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