Hotel ("If Winter Comes" No. 13)

The  Hotel had the most comfortable bed ever - I even had to look under the sheets to see what kind it was. AJ had his best night so far, just a little bit of sweating. :) :)

We went down for breakfast and talked about driving back and he says, "I will drive home." I looked at him and said, "are you serious??"
Yes he was! He drove the whole way home and we were chatting and he was doing great - I mean really great. He said he probably felt 80% ok and that is the best he has felt in a long time!

So the whole day has been so great - whenever he has got a chance he has been outside, came with me to run errands twice - he never runs errands :) 

I try to feed him as much as I can, I put nuts and all sorts in the shakes to add calories to them. He has shakes in between the normal meals. It's amazing that he loses weight even though he is eating as much as he used to if not more.

The only thing that he has felt today is that there has been some joint pain and tonight when he was going to bed, his stomach cramped up twice. He walked around the house for a bit and then laid down. 

Earlier today I did send a private message via the 'mymdAnderson' page and told the doctor that AJ had these pains and cramps and within 2-3 hours his nurse called me and said she had called in a prescription. The only thing was she had called it in - in Houston because she thought we were still there. So I asked that she would call it in to a pharmacy here, but when we went to pick it up tonight, they had filled the prescription in Houston already and the insurance wouldn't cover it again in the same day. 

Will try to get them tomorrow instead.

I have to say I was very impressed how quickly MD A responded! :)  Its a personal page where we get updates about appointments and where the doctors can communicate (Houston-Austin) plus we can send and get personal messages to the doctors.

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