Losing More Hair ("If Winter Comes" No. 19)

AJ said that he notices hair coming off, but its not like in chunks or anything. If I look at his head, I can't tell that there are any hairs missing :).

He went to see Dr. H today, told me I didn't have to come and of course it feels weird when I am not there. I feel like I always have 100 questions to ask and want to make sure we get answers. So I sent a bunch of stick it notes with questions for him to ask instead :). It was just a check up and Dr. H said the same thing as Dr. F yesterday, he is responding well and so far so good.

Since he is going to receive CHOP in the bone marrow too now, he will go for the IV on Thursday at Dr H's office and then to Seton (hospital) to get it in the bone marrow. The reason for doing the bone marrow as well as IV is just to cover all bases basically.

Tomorrow morning is 'port cath' day. We have to be at the medical center at 9.30 for surgery at 11am. The nurse there said he should be done and out around 1.30pm. I know Aj thinks its a little weird doing this port thing, I'm sure it will take a little bit getting used to.

More tomorrow …

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