New Hairstyle ("If Winter Comes" No. 10)

Not much to report today, AJ got the clippers out and cut his hair off. Girls didn't mind at all, I told them on the way home and they didn't even react when we got home, which was good.

We didn't go for a longer walk today, its been raining and muggy.

AJ says that he can feel the PICC line and its annoying, I can only imagine. Unless we can hope for some miracle that they do it in Houston, then I think we have to wait another week before they do the port. Seton is supposed to call me to schedule it. I will call them Monday if I haven't heard anything. 

He sweated more than ever last night, first we thought maybe it was due to new sleep meds - Restoril, but I looked up the side effects and it has about 15 of them, but not one says sweating.

Lymphoma does though, so its probably that. Its kind of a weird holding place right now, he has had the Chemo and his whites have gone down and we are just kind of trying to figure out every day if that is the worst he is going to feel in the whole cycle. But we will learn with time what ups and downs in this procedure is …

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