Warrior ("If Winter Comes" No. 5)

sunset by john nyboer

AJ was really sleepy this morning and has been feeling a little bit groggy. Not strange due to all the drugs that are in his body on top of the chemo.

His white blood cell count went up tonight after he got a shot to boost them. It went from a 2  to 6.5—the nurse said that I would probably have like an 8—but the 6.5 is a false number that will go down. They are going to keep giving him the injection every day until its stabilizes. It will not boost his red blood cell count so its still very likely that he will still need a blood transfusion. I have to ask the nurse how that is done.

One little stupid episode of rigors came this afternoon, it was short and AJ got valium that made it stop really quick and then he had a little bit of fever, but that is it.

Tonight he is just feeling a little bit weak, who wouldn't after laying in bed for 3 weeks!!!

He will stay in hospital until his white blood cell count goes down (as a reaction of the chemo) and then starts going back up again. That is reassuring that they are not in a hurry to sign him out and send him home.

This blog follows the journey undertaken by my husband, by me, and by our family as my husband battles a disease we never saw coming: He was diagnosed with a rare subtype of T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma known as Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALK+) at the age of 32.

Photo by John Nyboer

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