Bed ("If Winter Comes" No. 17)

Finally we are back in the hotel room, the CT scan took forever... it was the longest we've had to wait anywhere. I did get a good laugh though :) …

We arrive at 6pm, sign in and sit down in the waiting room. After about 45 min they called us to talk to the nurse. She tells him that he needs to drink the smoothie then wait for about 1 - 1.5 hr and then they will take him in the back to drink another one (!!!))  and then do the scan. She tells us that the smoothie will help to lighten up his intestines as well as the small hose they will put up his rectum and push a little bit of fluids up through there too. GWAHHHHHHH!!! I looked at AJ and he looked mortified.... he was just staring at the nurse and said - are you seriuos? Then he looked at me and I cracked up laughing - no holding back. I am sorry if you had seen his face, you would have peed your pants. I am laughing so much I am crying right now, just writing this.

I told him its like colonics - he'll be alright. ( he he) So for the next hour while we are sitting in the waiting room and I am reading and he is playing DS, I hear him mumble "unreal" "I can't believe this" every few minutes. (you can figure out what he was talking about)

Tried to tell him that he just had to disconnect his butt from his brain for about 5 minutes, that is all. But I tell you, he was not convinced.

After an hour they came and called him in to the next room for the next smoothie and I stayed outside. I could follow his progress on a screen, prepping for exam, ready for exam, exam started, exam finished. It took forever!!! He came back out about 9.30 pm and I asked him, soooo how was it, trying not to laugh … He looked at me and said "I didn't do it!"

Turns out it wasn't necessary to do and he opted not too, lucky for him...   I told him that he was the worst patient ever who should just do as told. :) :) :) - can you tell he is feeling better ??

Then we went to grab some food and came back to hotel room and EAT!

Then there was such a cute little couple in the waiting room, they were an elderly couple and I guess the lady was sick because she went in for the scan. The husband was sitting staring at the board to follow his wife's initials and number on the board. All of a sudden he flew up from the chair and runs up to the nurses. He says, oh my wife, my wife... she vanished from the board!! You could hear a little panic in his voice. The nurse told him that she was just done with her scan and that she would be coming out the doors any second.

He didn't buy it, he said " what if she walked out and didn't see me" ! (bless his heart!!!) He walked towards the elevators to look for her and the next second she comes out the doors behind him and when he sees her, his face lights up and he throws his arms around her. Like she had been gone for a loooong time. It was soooo cute :) Adorable little couple. :)

Time to sleep and then head back home! We have not spoken to any doctors today either, just tests. Monday morning is our next appointment to see the doctor and I think we will find out then what the game plan is ….

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