The Morning After ("If Winter Comes" No. 4)

sunset by john nyboer

The night went so smooth, no rigors (YEAH!!) He did sweat a ton so at 4 am we changed his gown and sheets. AJ felt a little little nausea and got some medication in the IV for it. So he slept from midnight until 4 am then roughly from 4.30 - 7.30 am. That is probably the longest night of sleep that he has had in a long time.

One of Dr. H's associates came and saw us this morning. Asked AJ if he felt nausea, rash, fever - all the normal questions which all were answered no. His vitals look good; the white blood cell count has gone up .3—which is not a lot but, still better than yesterday.

I asked the doctor about the road ahead of us. He said that through labs and looking at AJ's fever they can pretty much tell how the lymphoma is responding to the chemo. AJ is expected to feel worse before he gets better (but it doesn't have to happen this way). Then we will probably go down to MD Anderson in Houston in the near future, next few weeks. They will look at him there and decide if they want him to stay on CHOP, which he can do in Austin. Or if AJ would receive some other or additional treatment and he would be in Houston.

Baby steps, one at the time. Just time will tell now what the next step is.

We got Laura back our favorite nurse!!! I like her the best because she takes her time to answer questions and totally keeps us in the loop of what is going on.

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Photo by John Nyboer

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