Washing The Car ("If Winter Comes" No. 12)

Same thing last night, sweated but not as much as three nights ago... Seems like this is just going to become the norm.

We had breakfast and then went outside - it was a gorgeous day today. AJ walked around outside and then parked himself front row to watch me wash our cars. FYI he is a great back seat driver when it comes to car washes!

"If it was me, I would rinse a little before I soap the other side. I would move the car a little bit more in the shade, but again that is just if it was me"

Hahahhaha! He's cute :)

Either way my way or his way, the cars are clean and shining!

Not a whole lot to report today - we spend a few hours outside and it seems like he is a little bit more energetic today. Not running around but just moving inside and chatting and making pop corn :)

I wish he could have the PICC line out, seems like it bothers him a lot. Annoying for him to feel it inside. also he has just never done well with anything medical, since he has always been so healthy. So every time he feels it, it reminds him of that something is inside him that shouldn't be there.  (that is what I think, he didn't say it)

So tomorrow is the 'big' day at MD Anderson...

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