Playing Drill Sergeant ("If Winter Comes" No. 28)

Clear blue sky and not a cloud to be seen …

AJ has pain in his right bicep, whether it's from Neulasta, Chemo or cell count being low - actually we don't know if its low or not, just doing the calculation of 6-7 days after chemo. He says it's like someone has punched him really hard right in the muscle. Other than that he is still a little all over sore. I asked that he would work from bed tomorrow to get some rest, maybe he has overdone things because he has felt pretty good. I feel like a drill Sergeant :) - eat this, eat that, don't eat this, rest, don't to this. He is listening pretty well though - I got him trained :)

His facial hair looks like the hair of a teenager. It's about 4-5 mm long and it has thinned out which makes it look like fluff :) so a bit of fluff on his chin! The front half of his head has pretty much lost all the hair, the back not so bad. But honestly - I promise, if you saw him right now, you still wouldn't know he is sick. He looks like he does in the summer when he has shaved his head, that is all.
All in all he still looks great and is eating like normal, his taste buds have come back again so it seems like his body bounces back from Chemo pretty quickly! Of course he doesn’t have much energy but his spirit is high and mood on top!

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