Meeting Another Cancer Survior ("If Winter Comes" No. 27)

All in all a great day, AJ has been going a lot today - he can feel some Neulasta soreness. Last time it was the inside of his thighs, now its the sides of his abdomen. He is tired tonight which would be expected from being up as much as he has today. Still he is NOT sweating anything at night.

I had another interesting conversation with another Swedish woman - Marie. She got diagnosed with stage lV breast cancer 10 years ago, it went away and came back 2 years later. According to statistics she should have been dead 5 years ago, she said. But she is still here, very much alive and kicking! She is receiving Chemo every two weeks and will do so for the rest of her life. That is what they do for stage lV breast cancer.

She said that she just learned to live with it and that it gets easier. Now, this is completely different than AJ's diagnoses and I don't compare illness or treatment. Its just nice to talk to people who have cancer and see how they experience theirs and little tips and stuff. Marie said she gets tired afterwards and sleeps for a few hours after her treatment. Then after a few days it can go away or not.

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