A Good Analogy ("If Winter Comes" No. 16)

AJ is out from his Scan - it all went well and we are now chilling out in the famous bed at the hotel. It hit me when we were walking out from the Mays Clinic today what the best analogy (if you can say that) is for The Medical Plaza here... It looks like Vegas... seriously. There are beautiful buildings everywhere in different shapes and sizes, shuttles going from one to the other. Lobbies and coffee shops and pretty flower beds, lots of elevators and escalators, sky walks between buildings.  Just  this is all medical buildings. Instead of walking from hotel to hotel (vegas) and gamble with chips, people go from hospital to hospital to get treatment here. That is exactly what it looks like this 'city'.

AJ told me that he had to go into a room, got an IV which they used to put in the radioactive stuff and then he sat in a recliner for about 1.5 hours. He slept the whole time, then they took him into another room where the scan machine was and the scan was over in 15-20 min. Then he came out and we went straight to EAT! :)

The bottle with Radioactive formula came in an insulated canister and Aj told the guy, this must be good, right. But the nurse said it was more for the nurses protection, since they handle it all day long. The small quantity that Aj is getting in his body is not dangerous…

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