The Plan ("If Winter Comes" No. 7)


We woke up around 7.30 when Dr. H entered the room. I know that they were in here during the night and did blood works again and I can tell he was sweating last night again, because there were sheets and a gown on the floor. :)

She told us that he is exactly where she wants him to be in terms of how his body has responded to chemo. That sounds great to me!

His liver level/enzymes has gone down which is also a response to chemo and his whites are up, will post the exact numbers when I get them from the nurse. Dr. H said that she will work on getting him home, it's better that he recovers from home than in the hospital. She said that there are less germs than in the hospital and you can find some weird ones here too.

Then the plan is to get him home, keep recovering and Dr. H will monitor him in her office instead. Then in the next week or so - we will go to Houston to have him examined. They want to make sure they are giving him the right treatment and IN CASE he needs a bone marrow transplant in the future, they want to start planning that ahead of time.

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This blog follows the journey undertaken by my husband, by me, and by our family as my husband battles a disease we never saw coming: Recently he was diagnosed with a rare subtype of T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma known as Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma ALK+. He is only 32 years old.

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