Crazy Bone Marrow Transplant ("If Winter Comes" No. 26)

A really unbelievable day!! Its so gorgeous outside - best day this year (weather wise) AJ feels the Nuelasta a little bit, but not enough to keep him in bed or anything. He went to the office to work a little bit this morning and later went for a lunch meeting!!! So he is out right now, having lunch and then I think he was going to meet another man who has cancer (in remission). I am so happy that he is out moving around and getting a dose of sunshine today!

I chatted with a Swedish woman who's husband, Per just had a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. He just got a letter giving him all clear on cancer yesterday! They found his donor in Europe!!!

His sister and kids were not even close matches and they found a 37 year old man in Europe who almost had a perfect match, isn't that just incredible!? That is crazy.

They flew over the stem cells - a person from MD Anderson went and collected them and then brought them back, they have to time it perfect with Chemo beforehand (a week) the plane landed at 4 pm and 9.30pm they had started the transplant - that was on Feb. 3. She said it cost their insurance company $500,000 (!!!!!!!) I didn't want to ask how much they had to pay of that... Also I don't think its the same cost for everyone - since each case is unique. Also - Per has leukemia and has to completely change blood too.

Its just crazy crazy crazy - imagine changing blood …

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