Night Sweat Solutions ("If Winter Comes" No. 25)

AJ and I have switched sides in the bed, since he had the port put in. Since its on his right side it was easier for him to reach things on his left (from the night stand) and I don't care which side I sleep on :).

He had a pretty good night, not sweating like he did after the first chemo at all. You should see the bed, There is a pee pad sheet on top of the normal sheet, then there are two xxl towels and then another pee pad sheet on top of that. That is so if he sweats and wakes up in the middle of the night, all he has to do is to pull off the pad and then he has a dry towel to sleep on until he needs to pull another one out. No need to even get out of the bed! As simple as possible.

I do the same questions every morning when we wake up to assess the night and morning:  (kind of feel like an investigator but you men seem to not tell any details unless you get asked, whether its illness or what you were up to on a Friday night - its just how you are wired I guess :) :) Here the morning questions:

  • How did you sleep?
  • Are you in pain?
  • What do you feel?
  • What do you want for breakfast?

This morning he felt a little nauseated and toxic. But still in good mood and unless he told you, you wouldn't really know how he feels. He looks great, hasn't lost any more weight and no more dark circles under his eyes either. Skin is clear and the little bumps he had all over his body are pretty much gone, the ones that are there just looks like flat moles. In short, he looks good. 

AJ stayed home in bed to get some rest and also I found out when we got back that the Propoxy makes him a little drowsy. Propoxy is the same as Darvon and is a pain medicine which does not reduce fever. He shouldn't take anything that will reduce a fever, because in that case we wouldn't know if he had one and if he did the doctor needs to know as soon as possible since it could be an infection or cold coming.
I think if you're going to have some sort of timing on having all this, I'd rather AJ have this now, when the worst of the flu season is over. Can you imagine having to go through being prone to infections and keeping away from anyone with runny noses or coughs in November??
Back to AJ, he has rested a lot today which is good, he is a little constipated - not sure he would want to share that with you guys or not, but now its too late - I just did. Just don't mention it too him, when you speak to him ;).

Everything tastes bland again, water tastes like metal - all side effects from CHOP. The taste buds get fried and then as it 'wears off' the taste comes back until next time …

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