Neulasta ("If Winter Comes" No. 24)

Went up to Seton NW this morning to get the Neulasta shot, its a $1000 shot that is tiny! It has proven to do the trick though (last time he had it)!

AJ felt fine all day and even after the shot, he took Propoxy (pain med) right afterwards just to see if it would be better this time to plan ahead with the pain medicine. Its now 22.30 and not doing too bad at all in regards of pain from Neulasta, just took two pills about 1 hour ago which should tie him over for about 6-8 hours. (He is not feeling pain yet)

The port is not so sore anymore, just a little bit tender.

AJ has a new great haircut, so now you can't even see that he is losing hair here and there. Its super short and he looks really hot :) :) :) ! Still eating great, taking all the vitamins and reds and greens. :)

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