Better Night ("If Winter Comes" No. 11)

AJ had a better night than the one before. He didn't take the Restoril to see if he would sweat less and he did. But he still sweated, so not sure if its pills or Chemo.

He's got his first canker sore in his mouth, I think he said in top of the mouth. - sucks... but still its expected and we already had the Triple mix that he is rinsing with that helps numb it.

The PICC line is still annoying him and I am going to ask the doctors in Houston what is the point of keeping it there if they are going to put in a port anyway. Maybe they can take it out and give him a break. I am sure they have a good reason why its still in there though.

AJ walked outside to grab the mail, hopefully a little bit of fresh air will feel good. Pretty much got his meds and supplements on a a schedule now:

  • Cipro
  • Valtrex
  • Fluconazole
  • Omega 3
  • Oregano oil
  • Gingseng
  • Magnesium
    • In the morning an hour before breakfast - he can't mix the Cipro with a whole lot of stuff, - calcium, dairy, antacids. 

      Then the same stuff at night an hour after his last meal. I keep it all in a large ziplock back by my bed so I give him a small cup with all the pills before I take the girls to school. Then when I get back, he can have breakfast. The routine is slowly building up! :) We clean the PICC line in the evenings and that is pretty much it as for now. 

      My goal is now, to get him well enough and strong enough to where he can walk for a little bit longer every other day….

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