T Minus 4 Days Til' Transplant

11/22/13 – So I did make it into the hospital last night. I was in my room at about 7PM. To keep things on track I settled in quickly, was given some pre-chemo drugs followed by IV doses of Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide. I will get both of these again today.
So far I am feeling fine. The nurses here on the transplant floor (9th Floor, Pavilion East) of Hackensack University Medical Center are simply awesome. And as far as it goes with Dr. Rowley, the more I see him the more I like him. Also his team is just great.
I did decide to bring a small travel guitar. I have already had it out to help time pass. I think this was a good move.
I had a few visitors from the hospital staff. The nutritionist stopped by to review how they work. Being an old pro here, I am very familiar with how this works. My personal eating challenge centers more on smells versus the taste of the food. As soon as I pick up a bad smell I lose my appetite. The one smell that gets me is the smell of plastic. The food is typically transported to the rooms in a plastic serving dish with a cover. When the cover is removed, the first smell that is released is the hot plastic. After explaining this to the nutritionist she said I could request that my food be wrapped in aluminum foil. This will help me a lot. It just shows you how accommodating they are here.
I also met with one of the resident Catholic Priests. He offered to help me in any way that I need. He gave me the televised mass schedule and will be stopping by periodically to bring me Communion.
On a personal note… Both my daughters (Jill and Alli) have made the cast of the 2014 tour of “Bring it On – The Musical” which will travel throughout the US and some parts of Asia (mostly Japan). I am so proud of them. Their tour schedule has them in New Jersey (my home state) in May of 2014. I am thinking I can make this. This is certainly something I will shoot for.
O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.Psalms 95:1 

More to come…


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