Steam cleaners

Things have gone well lately. Dale has worked longer days more frequently, energy level increasing, and sense of wellness stabilizing. It is as though last year did not really happen, except we know it did. Our memory of events is vague until someone or something brings it to the front. Strange how the mind protects itself when necessary. Yesterday, day 300 since bone marrow transplant. Almost one year.

However, Dale still has situations occasionally. Usually at home but sometimes elsewhere. Once I got home yesterday, I knew something was amiss: laundry going, smell, and Dale more than his normal exhaustion. Twice. Once at work, another as soon as he arrived home. I am grateful to the steam floor cleaner we have. Works nicely, especially on the wood floors.

I don't know the causes of the ongoing diarrhea, other than the chemo reactions. It does not seem to be sensitive to a particular food. I believe the mantle cell lymphoma treatment further weakened his digestive system. I do not think the cancer is back, yet. They say 3-5 years and it will return. For now, we are about 65% of our normal lives. I am even making progress on dissertation proposal. Just the other day, as I continued on with my day of crazy work, I thought to myself that I finally felt that I am functioning at about 85%. Still more to go, but much, much better.

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