Small steps forward

I receive an occasional email from blog followers out there in cyber-land. Unfortunately, mantle cell lymphoma is active in these people's lives. I am sorry, yet it also brings a certain level of hope. We are not alone in this journey of cancer. The past almost two years is full of lessons learned, people appreciated, and a roller coaster of emotions.

I am typically asked what medications he was on, treatment protocol, and bone marrow type. I apologize for not reporting medical names of Dale's treatment. It does not really matter to me what the medical terms are, just that it has worked so far. No doctor asked us to consult with them in medical jargon, or gave Dale an opportunity to suggest another chemotherapy schedule. He received treatment, I report, repeat. I feel as the caretaker, my focus is on the care of patient, only. His bone marrow transplant, by the way, came from his own stem cells, harvested at an optimal time is his treatment, frozen, and then given back to him for the transplant.

Health report since last couple of posts is reasonably fine. University lab work showed nothing scary. No treatments other than extended seven days of antibiotics. That ended two days okay and he seems okay. That does not mean he is well, just no fevers. I am a bit anxious about a lingering infection that may manifest itself again. He goes to work each day, comes home and crashes, exhausted. He feels light-headed, fatigued, and reports muscle aches and cramping.

Although he is stubborn enough to carry on with his agenda, he does not feel like doing much. We went to a movie this afternoon, and enjoyed it. He wants me to feel as though some things are a little normal. Seeing through my Polly Anna eyes, we are okay. Small steps are taken for the next stages in our lives, however, they are steps forward.

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