Pray for Eliza

Yesterday was another treatment day at Duke, and things went very smoothly.  Without question, the prayers of many, many people have played a big role in my amazing ability to avoid the side effects normally associated with chemotherapy.  My recent test results indicated a very significant reduction in the amount of cancer present throughout my body, an almost unbelievable achievement after only 14 weeks of treatment.  A couple of Dr. Beaven's comments yesterday indicated that she too is impressed.  The power of prayer has been evident since the beginning of this battle with lymphoma.  And I thank all of you for lifting me up to our Heavenly Father.

I would ask that you continue your prayers on my behalf.  But I have another prayer request that I am asking be added to your list.  Our 10 year old granddaughter, Eliza Davis, is scheduled to undergo brain surgery at Duke Children's Hospital on November 12.  After several years of testing and evaluation, the doctors have determined that she has a Chiari Malformation, and major surgery is needed to correct the problem.  We all have a high degree of faith and confidence that the surgery will go well, and Eliza will come through it just fine.  All of our thoughts and prayers will place her in the powerful and loving care of The Great Physician.

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