Two of my favorites: Mer and John.
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alisonlassiter.comThere was much love this weekend in a very tangible display of what happens when a lot of people come together around that love to make something beautiful. It was so wonderful to be a part of the wedding of one of my best friends who I've known since middle school to a solid, funny, deserving man who I now consider to be another one of my best friends (I'm fortunate to have many).

To celebrate with her family, who I have known since I was so young, and all of our girlfriends that have grown up together was an experience that I'll forever cherish. Every single person there was full of joy for them, there to have a good time and to celebrate and honor this amazing couple. We had so much fun with this extended group of fantastic people, instantly clicking with the friends they've gathered from all of their life paths. It's not at all surprising that these two have attracted a beautiful community around them.

It got me thinking a lot about love and the power of it. There was so much to go around: a regular love fest of happy tears and hearty laughs and hugs all weekend long from rehearsal dinner speeches to a post-wedding day school bus ride to the beach. It was real and beautiful and it made my soul so happy to stand there beside her to see her through this most important day in her life.

I truly believe that love can give us the strength to get through anything. Whether it's self love, love of a life partner, love toward a friend, a child, a pet, it's what carries us through the difficult times and what magnifies the good times. Everything is just that more beautiful when you can share it with someone you love.

As may be obvious from how often I post song lyrics and videos, music is a big love of mine and Dave Matthews Band is a longtime favorite that always finds a way to provide a soundtrack to my life.

Recently they released the first single, "Mercy,"off their soon-to-be-released album. I love everything about it and everything that the lyrics convey. What I love most is the music video they created through a call to their fans for video clip participation. An incredible 14,334 people contributed from all over the world to create this video, making a big statement for the power of coming together to accomplish something of beauty.

Dave said in an interview with Billboard Magazine that he hopes the release of this song "inspires people to find the things that they love, inspires them to feel good, to feel love, or ambition, or feel powerful. Whatever they need."

I love that. Go find what you love. It'll bring you what you need.

Don't give upI know you can seeAll the world and the mess that were makingCan't give upAnd hope God will intercedeCome on backImagine that we could get it togetherStand up for what we need to beCause crime won't save our feet or hungry child Can't lay down and hope no miracles change thingsSo lift up your eyesLift up your heart
Singing mercy will we overcome thisOh one by one could we turn it aroundMaybe carry on just a little bit longerAnd I try to give you what you need
Me and you and you and youJust want to be free yeahBut you see all the world is just as we've made itAnd until we got a new worldGot to say that love is not a whisper or a weakness
No love is strong So we got to get together yeahGotta get gotta get gotta getTil there is no reasonTo fight
Mercy will we overcome this Oh one by one could we turn it aroundMaybe carry on just a little bit longerAnd I try to give you what you need
Mercy will we overcome thisOh we come to far to turn it aroundOh and asked too much to be a little bit strongerBut I want to give you what you need
Mercy what will become of usOh one by one could we turn it aroundMaybe carry on just a little bit longerAnd I try to give you what you need

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