Family tree.

As some of you may recall from some of my earlier posts, I enjoy researching our family trees (both mine and Holly's) and finding out new details about some relatives from times past, or even finding an occasional brand new relative.  So since retiring, I have invested a fair amount of time and effort exploring the Davis and Lloyd ancestries.  I just love the excitement and mystery of the hunt.

This year, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend Christmas eve with both of our kids and their families, all at the same time.  What a blessing that was.  "Santa" brought me one particularly large box, beautifully wrapped, and sat it at my feet.  Of course your imagination runs wild when you get a large gift, and mine considered several different possibilities.  After I could stand it no more, I began to open the present, with some help from a pair of 2 and 4 year olds.  Inside I found a handmade blanket, or quilt, 5' by 3 1/2 ' in size.  On it was a tree with several limbs, and on the limbs were several leaves.  Each of the leaves was personally designed and made by one of my kids, my kids-in-law, or my grand kids.  Each leaf contained something very specific to that person, and their name.  Near the base of the tree is a heart, with my and Holly's initials.  And then on the branches are the ten leaves representing the next two generations.

In the box was a card, which read as follows:

Since the 10 of us aren't able to be with you as much as we would like, we needed something to "fill in" for us.  Each leaf and every stitch on this blanket was made while thinking of you....praying that this guilt will keep you warm, comfort you, make you smile, soften your discomfort, warm your heart and remind you of the incredible love that we all have for you....during the next few months and for many, many years to come.  We are so blessed to be leaves on your beautiful tree.  Jill, Jeff, Ben, Max, Rose, Adam, Annie, Grace, Eliza, Owen.

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