Down hill slope

We have no results of biopsies from four days ago. A weekend and federal holiday do not help the time tables for us in finding out the results. Dale complains of many aches in his joints and overall body, he has difficulty breathing, and his energy is getting lower.  Dale thought he might have a circulation problem because of his weakened limbs. When he was told there might be lung issues, it made sense to him in that the oxygen may not be getting to his limbs as it should. But that is still a guess. Dale has complained about his weakened and painful limbs and so far, physician have not paid particular attention to his concerns. He is discouraged and wants to know what is causing his quick demise. He describes feeling worse each day. I see that his skin color is pale, his breathing belabored, and his discouragement high. I am helpless in diagnosing what to do next or how to make him less discouraged.

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