Chemo-It does a body BAD.

I am going to make a confession...but please do not judge me! And this does NOT mean that when you see me, you can eye me up and down! Upon diagnosis of having cancer and being told that I would start chemotherapy, I secretly thought to myself that although it is going to be horrible, if I am going to HAVE to go through it, at least I will get to lose those unwanted pounds that I had been trying to shed. You know those ones that add up around the holidays and months of comfort food in the wintertime? Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about...
Weight has always been a subject that I do not like to discuss. I am just sensitive about it, and not very open to talking about it...until now. Cancer will do that to people I guess. It has kind of made me not give a damn about certain things. That is what this whole blog is about anyway, right? Being completely here it goes! Instead of shedding that unwanted weight I was looking forward to finally getting rid of...I have gained weight! Yikes! How messed up is that? On top of being diagnosed with cancer at 25 years old, having my whole life put on hold, losing my hair, and feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally destroyed, I am coming out of this whole thing "chubbier?!" I am starting to think that I was a really bad person in my previous life.

All joking aside, it is the truth. I have been on a steroid drug throughout the chemotherapy, and they are known to cause an increase in appetite and water retention. The funny thing is, I have actually eaten less than before...but that is just how my luck goes. I have been completely inactive...going to my usual spin or kickboxing class while feeling like I have been hit by a bus has not appealed to me in the slightest during this. And I have definitely eaten more "carby comfort type foods" than I would have normally. So it makes sense. Plus, when I have craved something, my family has been more than willing to go out and get it for me...sometimes that would mean a chocolate milkshake...I can't say that I haven't taken advantage of that a little bit. During chemo, when feeling so crappy, who really wants to eat meat and veggies? Not me!! I mostly wanted soft, carbohydrate type foods or stuff that was sweet and cold. Basically anything that would go down smooth and be comforting to my tummy...aka the stuff that is not the best for your figure. I should mention that my Doctor also told me NO dieting whatsoever during chemotherapy, and told me that when given the choice between something that is non-fat or regular, to go with the regular choice since my body needs all of those extra nutrients.

Honestly, I am not too worried about it right now. At the moment, I just want to be cancer-free, I will worry about the other stuff later. I just found it amusing that it is such an assumption that many people make, myself included, that chemotherapy patients dwindle down to skeletons and look so "unhealthy" and lose tons of weight. After talking to many others that have gone through chemotherapy, they have also admitted to gaining weight, and statistically about 50% of patients gain, rather than lose weight during chemotherapy.  

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