Blogging Update

As is probably obvious, I've been taking a blogging hiatus. I miss writing and connecting with all of you greatly, but life has kept me away from it.

I was given the green light by my medical team to travel to the West Coast. Preparing for the trip took all my focus the week before I left. I've been here in San Francisco since last Thursday attending the four-day San Francisco Writer's Conference, which was incredibly informative and inspiring. Since Sunday, I've been vacationing in the city with Craig and road tripping along the Pacific Coast Highway, bowing in absolute awe at the beauty of the Big Sur coastline, and seeing California based friends.

Medically, I've been a mess, increasingly by the day: pain, fevers, chills, fatigue, swollen nodes, sweats, and numbness. Days are okay. Evenings and overnights are impossible. I've been in touch with my medical team the entire time who has been working along with me to keep me comfortable and allow me to enjoy everything that I could while out here. 102 fevers are made more tolerable when set to backdrops of turquoise waters and Redwood trees. But Monday will be back to harsh reality.

We fly in late Sunday night. I'll get in a few short snuggles with Sam Dog, who I miss terribly, then my mom will take me for an overnight in the city for two days of treatment. Things are flaring very badly. I had a fantastic time out here, but am ready to check back in and get myself fixed up.

That said: I'll be back to a regular Tuesday/Friday blogging schedule the first week in March. Catch you then! Thanks for hanging in. There are many stories to share.

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