Big red truck

Happy Remission!Cancer remission brings interesting perspective on many things, especially when two friends diagnosed and treated within the same few of Dale's diagnosis have already passed away. Another, one year ahead of Dale, also passed away a few months ago. Each had very similar (lymphoma) if not the very same (mantle cell lymphoma) cancer. Dale wants to do what is right, get things in order, and be a productive, happy man. So....on Black Friday, he left the house for a few hours, returning with a great big 4-wheel drive, red extended cab, truck--which barely fits inside the garage. It really is a beautiful vehicle and he feels better. Must be a man thing. However, when he took the car in that I wrecked on his first day of chemotherapy, he had an emotional detachment period. Driving the truck helps him get over it though.

Today is day Day 330 of bone marrow transplant. Still going strong, although he has a cold--enough to work from home for the third day.

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