A Crowdsourcing Special Project

Karin took so much pride in expertly crafting each word of each sentence that you have been following in this blog. She was working hard to publish a book, but sadly her time was cut short. To help preserve some of the best parts of her writing, I have started a special project to collect and print quotes from her blogs in a printed keepsake for those that loved her. Karin wrote over 350 blog entries since 2009, so this is a huge project. That’s where you come in. Let’s crowdsource her hundreds of pages of writing by each taking a small portion. I’m soliciting support to read through all entries and cut and paste the best lines into a shared Google Doc. These quotes will be organized into a printed collection so Karin’s words will be preserved in printed form. I’m looking for help in a few different ways:
1. If you want to contribute to this project by reading through 1 or 2 entries (or however many you want), here are the directions:
Please first open the shared Google Doc from the link below. Scan through the Doc “Quotes from Karin Diamond” and find a blog date and title that has not already been reviewed. Add your name to the last column (Reader’s Name) so that others do not duplicate your efforts. Use the blog archive from the right side of eyespeeledalways.com to select the year, month, and blog(s) that you are going to review. If the blog includes any sentence(s) that are particularly poignant, special, funny, or awe inspiring, please copy and paste it into the shared Google Doc in the appropriate space, add quotation marks, and put -KD on the same line at the end of the quote. If Karin included a quote from someone else in her blogs, please include it in the Google Doc. Attribute the author’s name when you paste that quote. Please include the best lines only from Karin’s writing. Some entries will have more than others and there will be many that don’t have any quotes to preserve. That’s fine and to be expected. Record “None” in the Quotes to Preserve text field to indicate that the blog entry has been read and reviewed. Please read and review as many entries as you’d like but just be sure to finish an entry when you start it. Let’s avoid having multiple people review an individual blog entry until all have all have been reviewed by at least one person. When you paste in the Quotes to Preserve text field, please keep a consistent text size and style. Insert 1 line space between multiple quotes from same entry.
Link to the shared Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rx-pbYy9MBSYTK91QMdkQ1yTaAQNwtvgLVXfMqAFTA8/edit?usp=sharing
2. Graphic Designer: I am looking for someone with graphic design background who is savvy in layout to design and organize the quotes from the Google Doc into a file that can go to a printer. I’d like it turned around within just a few days. If you can help develop a vision for the layout of this small printed book/collection, please email [email protected] ASAP with the subject “Quotes from Karin Diamond Project” so that we can discuss your ideas and cost.
Of course your participation in this project is optional and not for everyone. If you are uncomfortable using a Google Doc, you may want to pass up participation in this project to ensure that the document does not accidently get messed.
Thank you to all who have read and supported Karin and me. Many thanks to everyone who will help with this project. I hope for Karin’s Quotes to Preserve to be ready to have as a keepsake at her Celebration of Life Memorial Service (details to follow). Contact Craig Diamond with ideas or if you’re experiencing problems with the shared Doc, but please understand if a quick reply is not possible at this time.

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