Question Checklist –Test Questions

Being prepared for office visits assists your doctor in determining your medical needs and most appropriate treatment plan; helps you receive timely access to medical care and related services, and created a mutually respectful and supportive relationship. Besides bringing along a companion, one if the best ways to prepare for a visit is prepare a concise list of written questions. Provide a copy for your doctor.

  • o What tests will you order?
  • o What will the tests show or indicate?
  • o Will you provide copies of the results?
  • o How often should I receive these tests?
  • o What toxicity and/or risks are associated with this test – or the repeated long-term use of this test? Is there a safer alternative?
  • o What changes or symptoms may indicate the need for tests?
  • o What test results indicate a need to initiate or change treatment?
  • o When is a bone marrow biopsy indicated?
  • o What steps will you take to minimize the discomfort and anxiety associated with the bone marrow test?

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