This is how cancer has affected my life

We're designing a new online promotional campaign for 'Face the Sun,' and are in need of some short, personal videos discussing how cancer has impacted individuals and families.

Training Providers and Patients to Talk about End-of-Life Care

This will come as no surprise, but most doctors and patients do not want to talk about death and dying. But research is showing that failing to discuss transitions of care—from active cancer treatment to end-of-life care, can leave doctors unsure of what a patient truly wants at the end of his or her life. And failing to receive end-of-life care in line with their values and wishes can cause both patients and their families great distress.

Finding lymphoma information and support on YouTube

Regardless of what situation you are coping with, there are plenty of resources online. Lymphoma is no exception. Some websites are fantastic, others are…well, crap. Lots of websites designed to separate you from your money (some more legitimate than others), lots of badly designed websites by people around the world tying to capitalize and monetize on your struggle and a few decent ones truly worth your time.
Now, if you know YouTube (and who doesn’t), you probably know it a place to go to look at really stupid videos of people or animals doing really stupid things.

Cancer Resources in Canada, pt2

Continuing with yesterday’s theme, I am sharing a few more resources you might find helpful on your journey.
Lymphoma Foundation Canada
A charitable not for profit organization that provides information on new treatments and research, as well as support patient education workshops and seminars to help people understand and manage their cancer. We support lymphoma-specific research through the creation of fellowships, as well as provide community-based resources to help people learn about and cope with their cancer.
Charitable Business Number: 87346 1040 RR0001

Canadian Cancer Resources

Over on Facebook, my new acquaintance from Patients Against Lymphoma often post interesting, amusing and helpful resources. Yesterday was no exception - she had a post about one of the cancer support organizations for our friends in the North. So I did some digging and am bringing you a handful of resources that our Canadian friends might find useful.

Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes are my very favorite kind. Whenever I read about an ordinary person (you know, the kind with family and job and so on) who does something special for someone else, I am inspired. And Karrie Munkittrick inspires me. I read about her recently in a LLS periodical and thought you might like to know more about her.

Shop at Gap Inc. and Donate to LLS

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) will again be participating in Gap Inc.'s Give & Get program, which in its first two campaigns last past spring and summer, garnered more than $1 million to support LLS's blood cancer research funding and patient education and support services.

Make a Wish Foundation Supports Kids With Cancer

If you know of a child with cancer, or you wish to support an organization that cares for those who do, consider Make a Wish Foundation.
You are probably already familiar with it. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The largest wishgranting nonprofit organization in the world was founded in Phoenix, Ariz., in 1980. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted the wishes of more than 188,000 children with life-threatening medical conditions nationwide since its inception.

Fight Like a Girl Shirts

Ok, I’m a sucker for a good title, and this is it.
First the British singers and now this. I’m in heaven. Anyway, I came across a new shop and I fell in love.

Fight Like a Girl.
Their mission?

The owner is a cancer survivor who has fought two battles of advanced Lymphoma and won. Her mission? To jjoin in and empower all women and girls to fight like a girl to win their battle while raising cancer awareness. http://www.fightlikeagirlcancershirts.com

Cloudbusters’ New Single Released to Benefit Research

It’s the accent.
It’s always the accent.
Maybe it’s residual Beatles love, but damn, I’ve just got a thing for English pop/rock bands. And Cloudbursting is no exception.
I ran across them on Twitter this morning and I was hooked. Then, when I saw that proceeds from their new release “The Obligatory” were going to the Leukaemia / Lymphoma Research Foundation, well – be still my heart. It doesn’t get any better than that.
Well, unless they toured through central Indiana.