Survivors to Moderate New Social Network

www.CancerConnect.com Seeks Active Cancer Patients and Survivors to help Moderate a new on line network where Patients can talk to other Patients. CancerConnect provides modest financial remuneration or will make a donation to a organization of the moderators choosing.

I'll Drink to That

Now this is just cool.
If you like a nice glass of wine now and then, and like to support a good cause at the same time, then you've come to the right place. Check out www.onehope.com

Take Them A Meal!

TakeThemAMeal.com is an online tool for coordinating the delivery of meals to loved ones. If someone is ill, elderly, or has had a new baby, oftentimes family, friends, co-workers, church members rally around these families to take them meals. In the past, one person would coordinate (by phone or e-mail) the scheduling of the meals. Now, the meal coordinator can use TakeThemAMeal.com to allow the meal providers to sign up for the day or days when they will provide meals to the meal recipients.

Cancer Affects the Entire Family

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Family Support Groups are one way a familt can get the help they need.

There is a Solution

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...
...that there is a solution. There is. But you must keep going to find it. You cannot stop, you cannot give up.

This is about more than just patience. This is about more than just persistence. This is about absolute knowing that God is on your side.

When you know this, you never give up...and the sense of struggle goes away. You simply keep moving forward, knowing that in the end all will work out. And that along the way there will be great insights
and wonderful remembering.

Breast cancer linked to night shifts, electric blankets, french fries, friendly skies

"No generalization is wholly true, not even this one."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

Recently the University of Pennsylvania published some research regarding the distortion of cancer success by the mainstream media, how it's far more common for a story to highlight the positives of a cancer story, even if they're minimal. The accompanying headlines are typically misleading.

Nifty New Tool to Help Transfer to and from Bed

Howard Bailes tells a fascinating story...

“When my wife Janice contracted MS it left her without the use of her legs.I quit work to stay and care for her.As her condition worsened she lost the use of more and more muscles. Each day I struggled to help her maintain any type of normal life and level of dignity. I was exhausted from assisting her in transferring from the bed to the bathroom, kitchen, living room and car."

CancerConsultants.com Changes Name and Focus

CancerConsultants.com is changing its name and expanding the resources it provides to cancer patients and their families. They have launched a new website for cancer patients; www.CancerConnect.com that will allow people with cancer and those who care for them to share information, inspiration, hope, and support.

The OMG! Cancer Summit

Are you a young adult between the ages of 15 and 39 who has been affected by cancer? Are you a caregiver or provider for young adults with cancer? If so, you will want to attend the 3rd annual OMG! Cancer Summit For Young Adults held in New York City on Sunday, May 23rd from 9:00 - 6:00 at Pace University.

The OMG! Cancer Summit is a program presented jointly by the Long Island and New York City chapters of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the I'm Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation.

Midwest Regional Dance Crew Competition benefits Cancer Research

Midwest Regional Dance Crew Competition presents Midwest Regional Dance Crew Competition -- Saturday, May 08, 2010 -- Wichita, KS This event is a fundraiser supporting the Voices of Survivors Foundation and Livestrong---cancer organizations focused on cancer advocacy, awareness and cancer survivors. You may learn more about these organizations at www.voicesofsurvivors.org and livestrong.org
11:00 AM – Individual/Dance Crew Sign-in
1:00 PM – First Round Starts