Totally Baldacious: Shave One for the Team

Show your love and solidarity with cancer patients this Valentine's Day. Be baldacious by shaving or coloring your hair as a show of support for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's life-saving cancer research, and to show empathy with cancer patients who lose their hair from chemotherapy treatments. That's the concept behind "Totally Baldacious" an exciting new fundraising campaign of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Cancer on $5 a Day (Chemo Not Included)

If you enjoy a good laugh, and are not easily offended, then this is a book you simply must read. In Cancer on $5 a Day (Chemo Not Included), Robert Schimmel describes his true-life adventures battling cancer. Schimmel was a comedian whose fortunes were in the fast lane – HBO specials, bestselling CDs, and sold-out club appearances – when, in 2000, he learned to his horror that he had Stage III Hodgkin's Lymphoma, hardly a fit subject for a stand-up monologue. Unless you choose to make it so funny it doesn't hurt so much, which is what Schimmel has done.

Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Offers Support, Information

I am always excited to find new resources to tell you about and this blogpost should be filed in the “I can’t believe I missed this one” category.
You may have noticed we don’t have any info on our site on Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, or it may not be a term with which you are familiar. We’ll start to rectify that immediately. Cutaneous lymphoma is a general term for many lymphomas of the skin including:
• cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
• mycosis fungoides
• Sézary syndrome
• cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma
• adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

Encouragement Card Project Needs Your Help

A special free project called the Laugh at Cancer Org. Encouragement Card Project is available to any cancer patient or survivor. Cards will be mailed out 1-2 times a month for the duration of either six months or a year, in order to cheer on the patient or survivor. We hope to provide encouragement, faith, hope, laughter, and support.
But, your help is needed to keep it up and running.
Here how you can help:
• Stamps
• Envelopes
• Greeting cards
• Card stock
• packing supplies
• Office supplies
• Gifts of Love or Donations

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter, along with an active sense of humor, may help heal you.

According to some studies, laughter therapy may provide physical benefits, such as helping to boost the immune system and circulatory system, enhance oxygen intake, stimulate the heart and lungs, relax muscles throughout the body, trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), ease digestion/soothes stomach aches, relieve pain, balance blood pressure and improve mental functions (i.e., alertness, memory, creativity).

The World of Hope

I’m reading a book about a leukemia survivor (more on that later this week, but one of the things I loved that he wrote was that there is no such thing as “false hope.” The author speaks of the determination of the medical community to speak again and again about the dangers of having “false hope.” He says there is no such thing as false hope.

And I would agree. There is always hope, always. And in that spirit, here are some quotes on hopes to cling to:

Ultra Runner in Middle of 500 mile run for Cures Rock! Your

Ultrarunner Mike Sheehy, who is running 500 miles over 17 days to raise money for the San Diego Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, crossed the border into Arizona yesterday. This extreme challenge intends to make a significant impact on the lives of over 913,000 Americans living with blood cancers through the use of inspiration, public awareness, encouragement and grassroots advocacy efforts.

Nickelodeon Premiers New Show on Kids With Cancer

Now this sounds like a show I want my kids to watch. In two weeks, Nickelodeon will premier "The Face of Courage: Kids Living With Cancer" on Sunday, January 17th at 8pm (ET/PT). Children diagnosed with cancer share their stories on "Nick News With Linda Ellerbee".

Clever Fundraising in UK for Lymphoma Research

UK cancer supporter James Barnard has come up with a unique way of raising money for charity as part of his London Marathon efforts.

Training Begins for Spring LLS Events

If you know anything about charity endurance sports, than you know Team In Training ®(TNT), of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS). What’s incredible is that they’ve raised $1 billion to support blood cancer research and patient services in 21 years.
The program is an intense one - preparing amateurs and seasoned athletes to complete a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, 100-mile century cycle ride or hike adventure. Through the program's expert coaching and support, more than 420,000 people have reached their physical goals.