Home ("If Winter Comes" No. 8)

We woke up to the lovely sound of nurses coming in and out of the room as usual. Dr H came in and was her warm loving old self. :) I do really like her, she is funny. She wasn't feeling good so she put on a mask and AJ did the same.

She told us that he could go home this afternoon or as soon as she could get Dr. Brown to sign the release form. We are going to her office on Thursday to do lab works and change the gauze on the pick line. Houston should call us in the next couple of days to schedule our visit - which they did and we are going on Monday, have to be there at 11 am.

The Plan ("If Winter Comes" No. 7)


We woke up around 7.30 when Dr. H entered the room. I know that they were in here during the night and did blood works again and I can tell he was sweating last night again, because there were sheets and a gown on the floor. :)

She told us that he is exactly where she wants him to be in terms of how his body has responded to chemo. That sounds great to me!

Taking a Walk ("If Winter Comes" No. 6)

Adrian sweated quite a bit last night. At 3 am the nurse came in to do the blood works, which later showed his WBC had gone up to a whopping 10.3! Thanks to the injection he's getting and the steroids he's on. The steroids are also helping to keep fever away, got to wait and see if it comes back when he gets off them.

One of the doctors came by this afternoon and he said it's not likely that he would get the fever back. I would hate for those rigors to come back...

Warrior ("If Winter Comes" No. 5)

AJ was really sleepy this morning and has been feeling a little bit groggy. Not strange due to all the drugs that are in his body on top of the chemo.

The Morning After ("If Winter Comes" No. 4)

The night went so smooth, no rigors (YEAH!!) He did sweat a ton so at 4 am we changed his gown and sheets. AJ felt a little little nausea and got some medication in the IV for it. So he slept from midnight until 4 am then roughly from 4.30 - 7.30 am. That is probably the longest night of sleep that he has had in a long time.

Absorbing the Reality ("If Winter Comes" No. 3)

The diagnosis has come back as Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma with hystiocytes. It's cancer. 

Wow... deep breath, I don't know if I can even say cancer and Aj in the same sentence... Never in my wildest dream would I believe that it was something as serious as this. I mean talk about kicking someone when they are down...

A Diagnosis ("If Winter Comes" No. 2)

Probably the most horrible day in my whole life. I left the hospital early morning to go home and get the kids ready for school and come back to the hospital. 

A few minutes after arriving Dr. Sigefoos walks in and says "so we need to discuss what to do next as of your treatment." Adrian tells him that he hasn't told us and Dr. S asks if he wants him to do it. 

The Beginning of a long journey ("If Winter Comes" No. 1)

It started with Misdiagnosis #1. His sinuses were hurting him. it was just a sinus problem. A doctor prescribed him antibiotics (Cefnidir).

Then, he had terrible back pain and trouble sitting down. As the weeks passed, he continued to feel worse.

Following a bout with the chills, his fever spiked at 104, so we went to the ER.

Why I Support Facebook's Censoring of The Scar Project's Photos

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1) Just because I have mastectomy scars and reconstructed breasts does not mean I want to see the scars and breasts of other women. I want the choice and can go The Scar Project’s website if I choose to view the photos;

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