WBC On A High! ("If Winter Comes" No. 18)

AJ has responded well to treatment and therefor his doc sees no reason to take him off CHOP. Dr. F said he would be crazy to change it since it seems like its working. He did mention that it was going to be administered directly into his bone marrow like in a lumbar punch as well as the IV. I think this is just to target the bone marrow more.

The reason he says that AJ is doing well is because he is feeling better, if the chemo hadn't been working, then he wouldn't feel so good.

Bed ("If Winter Comes" No. 17)

Finally we are back in the hotel room, the CT scan took forever... it was the longest we've had to wait anywhere. I did get a good laugh though :) …

A Good Analogy ("If Winter Comes" No. 16)

AJ is out from his Scan - it all went well and we are now chilling out in the famous bed at the hotel. It hit me when we were walking out from the Mays Clinic today what the best analogy (if you can say that) is for The Medical Plaza here... It looks like Vegas... seriously. There are beautiful buildings everywhere in different shapes and sizes, shuttles going from one to the other. Lobbies and coffee shops and pretty flower beds, lots of elevators and escalators, sky walks between buildings.  Just  this is all medical buildings.

PET Scans at Mays Clinic ("If Winter Comes" no. 15)

Its pretty therapeutic to drive and it was around 32 degreees the whole way down with clear sky. It was so pretty.

We checked in to the hotel, they are so accomodating there, you can check in at 8.30 am and if you end up leaving early, you don't have to pay any extra. I suppose they have to be like that since all the guests are going to the different hospitals here and nobody knows how long they'll be here.

We have the scan this morning and then CT scan tonight, so it was just easier to sleep here and then head back in the morning.

Tomorrow Night ("If Winter Comes" No. 14)

Get to sleep in the comfy beds at the hotel again!

Today was a really good day :) AJ went out and worked some in the office, I told him - not too much. He went on an errand and then had a good lunch and we all went out to dinner with a friend of ours and her kids. Since he is doing the P.E.T scan tomorrow, he could only have chicken and green vegetables. No carbs or anything else, desert could be  cheese or a slice of salami (that is what it said in the instructions) :)

Hotel ("If Winter Comes" No. 13)

The  Hotel had the most comfortable bed ever - I even had to look under the sheets to see what kind it was. AJ had his best night so far, just a little bit of sweating. :) :)

We went down for breakfast and talked about driving back and he says, "I will drive home." I looked at him and said, "are you serious??"
Yes he was! He drove the whole way home and we were chatting and he was doing great - I mean really great. He said he probably felt 80% ok and that is the best he has felt in a long time!

Washing The Car ("If Winter Comes" No. 12)

Same thing last night, sweated but not as much as three nights ago... Seems like this is just going to become the norm.

We had breakfast and then went outside - it was a gorgeous day today. AJ walked around outside and then parked himself front row to watch me wash our cars. FYI he is a great back seat driver when it comes to car washes!

"If it was me, I would rinse a little before I soap the other side. I would move the car a little bit more in the shade, but again that is just if it was me"

Better Night ("If Winter Comes" No. 11)

AJ had a better night than the one before. He didn't take the Restoril to see if he would sweat less and he did. But he still sweated, so not sure if its pills or Chemo.

He's got his first canker sore in his mouth, I think he said in top of the mouth. - sucks... but still its expected and we already had the Triple mix that he is rinsing with that helps numb it.

New Hairstyle ("If Winter Comes" No. 10)

Not much to report today, AJ got the clippers out and cut his hair off. Girls didn't mind at all, I told them on the way home and they didn't even react when we got home, which was good.

We didn't go for a longer walk today, its been raining and muggy.

AJ says that he can feel the PICC line and its annoying, I can only imagine. Unless we can hope for some miracle that they do it in Houston, then I think we have to wait another week before they do the port. Seton is supposed to call me to schedule it. I will call them Monday if I haven't heard anything. 

Fugitive ("If Winter Comes" No. 9)

First of all - if you wonder what the title is? When I don't know what to put, I just put the name of the movie that is on TV :)