Playing Drill Sergeant ("If Winter Comes" No. 28)

Clear blue sky and not a cloud to be seen …

Meeting Another Cancer Survior ("If Winter Comes" No. 27)

All in all a great day, AJ has been going a lot today - he can feel some Neulasta soreness. Last time it was the inside of his thighs, now its the sides of his abdomen. He is tired tonight which would be expected from being up as much as he has today. Still he is NOT sweating anything at night.

Crazy Bone Marrow Transplant ("If Winter Comes" No. 26)

A really unbelievable day!! Its so gorgeous outside - best day this year (weather wise) AJ feels the Nuelasta a little bit, but not enough to keep him in bed or anything. He went to the office to work a little bit this morning and later went for a lunch meeting!!! So he is out right now, having lunch and then I think he was going to meet another man who has cancer (in remission). I am so happy that he is out moving around and getting a dose of sunshine today!

Night Sweat Solutions ("If Winter Comes" No. 25)

AJ and I have switched sides in the bed, since he had the port put in. Since its on his right side it was easier for him to reach things on his left (from the night stand) and I don't care which side I sleep on :).

Neulasta ("If Winter Comes" No. 24)

Went up to Seton NW this morning to get the Neulasta shot, its a $1000 shot that is tiny! It has proven to do the trick though (last time he had it)!

AJ felt fine all day and even after the shot, he took Propoxy (pain med) right afterwards just to see if it would be better this time to plan ahead with the pain medicine. Its now 22.30 and not doing too bad at all in regards of pain from Neulasta, just took two pills about 1 hour ago which should tie him over for about 6-8 hours. (He is not feeling pain yet)

The port is not so sore anymore, just a little bit tender.

Back to the Hospital ("If Winter Comes" No. 23)

Back to Seton today, same walk down the hall way down to the elevators but then only up to 1st floor. Checked in to pre op. This is where they do all the pre op and post op for the whole hospital, anything from small things to brain surgery.

Ding Ding Ding! Done! ("If Winter Comes" No. 22)

Two down a few more to go!

Suzie the nurse that took care of AJ today was a doll. I can't believe how lucky we have been with all the nurses we have met. They have all been phenomenal.

First when we came in AJ got to sit in the recliner and then Suzie came and explained everything about CHOP - that took a while... :) We stopped asking questions in the end so it would wrap up a little quicker.

Insurance Fun Get Started ("If Winter Comes" No. 21)

Another fun aspect of this whole situation started a little bit today... :S - Insurance!

Port In Place! ("If Winter Comes" No. 20)

This morning AJ showed me his hands when he was washing his hair and there were lots of little hairs in the palms of his hands. I keep staring at his head to see if I can see any difference and today we could see it thinning more in one area by his left temple. Other than that it might look a little thinner but still, there is a lot more to come off. Maybe in a week or two all of it will be gone.

Losing More Hair ("If Winter Comes" No. 19)

AJ said that he notices hair coming off, but its not like in chunks or anything. If I look at his head, I can't tell that there are any hairs missing :).

He went to see Dr. H today, told me I didn't have to come and of course it feels weird when I am not there. I feel like I always have 100 questions to ask and want to make sure we get answers. So I sent a bunch of stick it notes with questions for him to ask instead :). It was just a check up and Dr. H said the same thing as Dr. F yesterday, he is responding well and so far so good.