Holiday Blawg

How does one put the “merry” into Merry Christmas or the “happy” into Happy Holidays when your Mother has received a diagnosis of DLBCL (Diffuse Large-B-Cell Lymphoma) two weeks before Christmas?

Pharma vs Pharma: Glaxo gives new meaning to "OTB"

Typically, OTB refers to Off-Track Betting- placing legal bets on horse races from a remote location. Yet as the market for cancer drugs becomes increasingly more lucrative, we may have to accept a new meaning: Oncology-Trial Betting.

In the pipeline: TNX-650

Today's featured lymphoma treatment in the pipeline is the monoclonal antibody TNX-650.

In the pipeline: Epratuzumab

Today's featured lymphoma treatment in the pipeline is the monoclonal antibody epratuzumab.

NCCN adds patient-friendly guideline for multiple myeloma

Back in September, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) published its first two clinical practice guidelines in oncology written for patients, one for breast cancer and the other for non-small cell lung cancer.

Cell Therapeutics starting to look like ImClone

I started reading Alex Prud'Homme's "The Cell Game" this week—the story of Erbitux, ImClone, Sam Waksal, and Martha Stewart, you remember that mess. It starts out ominously with "The Cell Game was reported and written in nine months …", not the kind of line you want to introduce such a book with, it hardly inspires confidence in its journalism or accuracy.

Cancer Indemnity Insurance: To hedge or not to hedge? (Part II)

Continued from the last part …

On calling Aflac, I was transferred to what I would consider to be a customer service agent, although it shortly became clear that she was as much an insurance agent working on commission as anything.

Cancer Indemnity Insurance: To hedge or not to hedge? (Part I)

We're all aware of the honking, hapless but determined duck from the Aflac commercials. He risks life and limb to add the company name to an otherwise oblivious human conversation about insurance.

Calling it "a clever successor to the ad jingles of the fifties and sixties," an influential advertising blog says, "No matter how you feel about these spots, it is very hard to argue that they’ve taken an unknown company and made it a household name."

The Spirit of Movember

I thought Movember was a smashing success.

Frankly I assumed it would flop—the pink tide of October is the kind of act you ordinarily do not want to follow. Furthermore, Movember is in competition with a pair of staggeringly bleak diseases: November has been adopted by both the lung cancer awareness month folks and the pancreatic cancer awareness month crew.

Vicious Cycle (from Annie Has Hodgkins)

Please welcome Annie to LymphomaInfo.net. Annie has generously agreed to syndicate her blog, Annie Has Hodgkins Lymphoma, on our site.

I have the most horrendous lower back ache. I can hardly walk and there is no relief- not lying, not standing, not putting myself in rather precarious positions against the wall - Nothing!!! The doctor has prescribed vallium which means that most of my day consists of lying half conscious in a semi-dimmed room. As you can imagine, the memories flood back to me.