Monoclonal Antibody Therapy: Oncolym

Oncolym (131I Lym-1) is an Iodine 131 radiolabled monoclonal antibody manufactured by Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (formerly Techniclone). It's use is targeted at B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients. It is currently in Phase III clinical trials.

How it works:

Oncolym is an antibody with a radioactive substance attached. The drug attaches to a protein found only on the surface of B lymphocytes such as cancerous B-cells found in many forms of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The radioactivity targets the B-cell, destroying it.

The specific B-cell surface marker the antibody attaches to is the HLA-Dr10 protein, a cell surface marker present on over 80% of lymphoma cells. Only about 2% of the normal blood cell population have B-cells that express the HLA-Dr10 marker. This means that Oncolym may selectively target lymphoma cancer cells and may spare healthy B-cells that are responsible for making antibodies that fight infection.


In phase I and II trials, researchers found that 56% of patients that had failed conventional chemotherapy achieved partial or complete remission.

Treatment and Side Effects:

According to the manufacturer, the primary side effect is a decrease in blood cell counts believed to be reversible after treatment ends.

In a small percentage of patients, as with many monoclonal antibodies, the mouse antibodies used are "seen" by the human immune system as foreign, and the human patient mounts an immune response against them, producing HAMA ("human anti-mouse antibodies").





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Links for more information on Oncolym:

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