Meanings of the Colors of Cancer Bracelets

Cancer bracelets are undeniably popular, and if purchased through reliable sources such as major charities, they help contribute to the fight against many different cancers. Color makes all the difference when it comes to which cancer you are trying to bring awareness to or trying to raise money for; however, there are far more subtypes of cancer than there are shades of color that are easily distinguishable by the naked eye—therefore, in most cases, one color will represent more than one subtypes of cancer.

In fact, colored awareness bracelets don't automatically represent cancers only—they represent many different diseases and conditions to which people are trying to draw awareness.

That said, in general the following colors are associated with the following cancer types, and it should be noted that while some colors and associations make sense, others do not and aren't meant to.


Breast cancer. Breast cancer advocates absolutely own the color pink. This could not be mistaken for any other cancer.


Kidney cancer


Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma


Liver cancer
Bladder cancer




Pancreatic cancer
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Esophageal cancer
Thyroid cancer


Prostate cancer
Colorectal cancer


Brain cancer

Clear (or White or Pearl)

Lung cancer
Bone cancer


Gynecological cancers:

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