Aggressive Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

burkitt's lymphoma
Histology of Burkitt's lymphoma
image by Euthman

Aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas (NHLs) are fast growing cancers (as opposed to indolent cancers). They involve the B-cells or T-cells of the immune system and often present as tumors in the lymph nodes. These high-grade cancers will move into the advanced stages much faster than indolent, low-grade tumors.

Aggressive NHLs usually respond to treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and radioimmunotherapy regimens.

The Zevalin radioimmunotherapy regimen is now approved for treatment of certain follicular lymphomas

Patients who are looking for more advanced treatment or who have lymphoma that does not respond to standard treatment may want to consider a clinical study. Click here to find clinical trials in your area.

The following are aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas:

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